Habits & Addictions

  • Do you need help to break a habit or addiction, such as shopping, sugar, excessive consumption of chocolate (or something else), checking social media?
  • Do you want to stop feeling at war with yourself?
  • Is it time to choose freedom, to feel positive, energised and empowered?

You have probably tried to help yourself before, but  you may have found that you try, and try, but it ambushes you at your weakest moments. Hypnosis can help you escape the clutches of addiction and destructive habits (of thought and behaviour) by helping you train your brain to recognise and 'step out' of the addictive pattern before it happens.

Our approach to addiction help is to focus on the psychological elements driving the behaviour. We believe these are much more important than any physical factors, although physical elements are part of some addictions. Whether it's cigarettes or chocolate, or an addiction to a behaviour such as gambling, cleaning or checking social media, our hypnosis approaches can give your unconscious mind the help it needs to find and choose another healthy option in place of your addiction.