Lose weight and keep it off!

Imagine reaching and sustaining your healthy weight goal. 


Imagine feeling positive, energetic, healthier and in control every day.


Would you like to leave behind negative self talk, negative beliefs and diets that just don't work?  

How to lose weight with ease

Hypnotherapy can work in a range of ways to help you to lose weight. It can be used to reduce your stress response, anxiety and emotional triggers which have (in the past) caused you to turn to food for comfort. In hypnosis your mind is open to suggestions to do things differently, such as eating different foods, or not eating specific foods, and to do regular exercise.

Starting with setting achievable weight loss goals, clients are often surprised at how easy it can be to lose weight, noticing how they feel fuller quicker or lose the desire to eat more and feel an increased motivation for exercise. 

I recommend the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure for your enduring weight reduction solution.

Additionally, we can devise a weight and shape program tailored to your specific needs.

Are you struggling with weight loss?

  • You're fed up with diets and the latest lose weight quick fads?
  • You eat for comfort, often when bored, stressed, upset, tired or lonely?
  • Have problems with portion control and overeating?
  • Start out well at the beginning of the week but lapse easily and just give up?
  • Struggle to get motivated to exercise?
  • Are you looking to get your body confidence back or simply struggling to lose those last few stubborn kilos? 

Virtual Gastric Band Procedure

The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program which harnesses the power that every individual holds within themselves to make changes to their life. People of all shapes and sizes find long term solutions to their weight problems with Virtual Gastric Band therapy.


Pioneered by world renowned UK clinical hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger, the Virtual Gastric Band procedure was developed in response to the risk factors and high cost of Gastric Band Surgery (approx. $3,500 if you have private health insurance). It has helped people transform their lives for the better by changing how they think about food.   


The procedure has been thoroughly researched, and has been used in the UK with 90%+ success rates. In fact, the British National Health Service(NHS) is considering trialling the procedure with the view to offering it as part of the NHS scheme. 


The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure is a completely safe and private process whereby your stomach is led to believe through hypnosis that a "band" has been placed around its upper part. As with surgically installed gastric bands (or "lap-bands"), your stomach feels full with significantly smaller amounts of food. This all occurs without the risks, inconvenience and invasiveness of a surgical procedure:

  • No side effects
  • No medical risk
  • No pain
  • No expensive medical costs
  • No hospital waiting lists
  • No specific pre-surgery weight requirements

To succeed you'll need to be committed to making positive change.

How does it work?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Clinical hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and there is no desire to eat more.


A Virtual Gastric Band is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain.’ It changes a person’s attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings and bad habits. Feedback shows increased willpower and no need for the person to deprive themselves of the foods they enjoy. Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting.


Often overweight clients have lost touch with their body’s signalling mechanisms. 


Do you know:

  • When you are genuinely hungry?
  • When you are genuinely full?
  • How to distinguish stomach hunger from emotional hunger, or indeed hunger from thirst or tiredness or general discomfort?
  • How to recognize the body’s pleasure in certain foods?
  • How to come to terms with some of your feelings, which trigger the use of food as compensation? 

You may have a high level of disconnection from your body’s messages.


Hypnosis can help you reconnect - effortlessly - with the wisdom of your body.


To assist you to manage your weight, while at the same time learning to re-connect with your body's signalling mechanisms, a Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) can be installed.


In brief, the Virtual Gastric Band procedure activates your "full" signal more quickly. You feel satisfied with smaller amounts, and thus reduce your weight effortlessly. It is effective because it targets the source of your unhealthy eating habits.


There is NO DIETING involved. You don't have to change the foods to eat, but you will be eating much smaller amounts than normal, enabling the body to shed its excess weight - without feeling hungry, miserable or deprived, the issues which cause diets to fail.


The program includes:

  • 4 x one on one personalized Hypnotherapy sessions (first session approx 2 hours, then approx 1.5 hours)
  • a support MP3 recording to listen to between sessions
  • the 8 Golden Rules between sessions guide
  • Empowering self-management tips and tools
  • Between session homework which is key to your success. 

We also offer ongoing coaching support for people with longer term goals, helping you stay focused, accountable, supported and on track!

Call Carolyn on 0414 497 771 to find out about the Virtual Gastric Band Program and other weight loss options.