Online Hypnotherapy


Would you like to experience the benefits of Hypnotherapy without the risks of travel and meeting in person?  


Live one-on-one online video Hypnosis sessions  are just as effective as in-person, as well as being safe and comfortable. 


I've seen clients in country areas and around the world in this format for years, and it's as easy as clicking a link - and we are connected.   

How does this work?

You will need a computer, iPad or other tablet with video and audio and an internet connection. Ideally you will have headphones too.


We arrange a time to meet. I email simple instructions to you with your meeting link, unique meeting ID and password, to protect your privacy and confidentiality. You click on the link and it will take you to Zoom video conferencing. As a participant you don't even need to sign up for Zoom. 


Find out more about Zoom here:  

What you need to do

Before you join the session, ensure:


  • You are seated in a comfortable chair in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted.
  • NO pets, kids or family in room (Essential!).
  • If there is a house phone - off the hook please!
  • No renovations or other work in the house.
  • The video camera and sound on your computer/iPad/tablet are turned on.
  • Your image needs to be waist up, arms visible.
  • If you have headphones or earbuds, have them connected.
  • You have your mobile phone by your side in case there’s an issue connecting (we’ll turn off before hypnosis).

Phone Carolyn on 0414 497 771 or contact me to find out more.