Ease those IBS Symptoms


At State of Mind Hypnotherapy Adelaide we have a special interest in helping clients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other gut health issues. 


Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful treatment options for chronic IBS and in contrast to other treatments it has no negative side effects. According to published studies which have been undertaken over many years and repeated, gut-directed hypnotherapy consistently produces significant positive results, in the order of 80% and better (see for example; S.L Peters et al., 2016,  Tan et al., 2005, Whorwell et al., 1984).


Hypnotherapy for IBS:  

  • is a uniquely comfortable form of treatment; relaxing, easy and generally enjoyable
  • utilises the healing power of the person's own mind
  • is without the negative side effects of some other treatment options
  • can also result in improvement in other symptoms or problems such as migraine or tension headaches, sleep issues, along with the improvement in IBS symptoms.

The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment. According to research, individuals who improve from hypnosis treatment for IBS can generally look forward to years of reduced bowel symptoms.


Hypnosis can also be used to effectively reduce the symptoms of other gut health issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease.